Witnessing Testimony


Witnessing Testimony

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Let me share with you 2 testimonies regarding my classmates I met after leaving school.

After our O level in St Patrick’s, 10 of us continue to meet monthly on Saturdays for lunch fellowship.  This will be our 50th anniversary of friendship meeting together, sometimes with our spouses as well.

Sadly 2 of them went before their time, but praise be to God for their salvation at the 11th hour. God’s timing is perfect when we are willing to witness for Him.

Testimony 1 (Jerry)In 1993, Jerry was working in Indonesia doing his business.  His family stayed in Singapore.  One day in the office in Keppel Towers, I received a call from him.  I had not seen him for years when suddenly he called me.  He said, “Chris I just returned to Singapore and before I go back, I would like to meet up with you”.  I said OK and I arranged to meet in my office

We were then chatting to catch up when suddenly I had an impression to witness to him.  So I shared my testimony of how I was saved by the goodness and mercy of the Lord.  After sharing I asked to pray for his salvation.  He said yes and we prayed for him to receive Jesus.  He then left with a Bible from me. Several weeks passed when a classmate called to say Jerry had a major stroke in Indonesian and had been flown back.  It was a serious stroke as he lost all his right side movement.  He could not walk and talk but he could recognize us each time we visited him to cheer him up.  This went on for 6 to 7 years until he went to be with the Lord.

Testimony 2 (Francis) – I too prayed for Francis, another classmate, to receive the Lord. The event was like this:

We heard he was sick and admitted to the hospital. With a friend we visited him. He was in a bad shape. Both his legs had swollen. The doctors, even after repeated testings could not give a cause for his swollen legs. He said he got the sickness after returning to Singapore.  He visited Malaysia a lot and one day a lady who massaged him gave him a bottle of potion to drink. He was told the drink would make him healthy and bring him wealth. Instead it brought him bad luck.

The treatments were very costly and after many tests, he said they cost him almost S$300,000.00. It just wiped out his savings. As was my practice, I always carry a small Bible with me. After hearing his story, I asked to pray for him. I too asked him if I could pray for his salvation. He did not reject and so that day, Heaven rejoiced.

He was later discharged as the hospital could not help him any further. Some months later, he passed on. He came to receive Jesus at a very late stage and therefore did not enjoy the blessings of the Lord while he was alive. Very sad indeed but at least he had Jesus because I was not ashamed to share the gospel with him.

So if we asked the Lord to save and pray for our unsaved family members and friends, God in His mercy will answer us.

Jerry and Francis were such a person who the Lord loved and granted them salvation.  I am glad that I could make a difference.

Be blessed

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