We Shall Be Strong (Daniel 11:32)


We Shall Be Strong

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Daniel 11:32… “but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits”

This is my testimony of the many exploits I experienced!

I like tennis. One evening about 30 years ago I was sitting down in an umpire chair to rest after a game at Braddell Height Estate, Singapore. I was still resting and watching my friends playing their rounds when suddenly I heard a voice speaking inside me. Before that, I have heard the same voice a few times calling my birth name as if it were my close friends. At that time, I was still an unbeliever and naturally I thought the voice was really someone calling me. As an unbeliever, I had no experience at all what the voice of God really was!  The words went something like:-

“Are you still waiting? I have given you many things and saved you from serious injuries or death? Should you not start a spiritual search to find out about the God who took care of you all these years?”

After the episode, I began a new reading habit.  I went to library and bookstores searching for materials written about God and spiritual matters. Here are some previous experiences I had before I became a believer:-

I Helped A Girl Who Fell In A Bus

Many many years ago, I was returning home after a visit to see my wife. It was then very late, almost close to 12 midnight.  I was riding in a bus when it made a wide turn at a bend. A teenage girl seating at a corner seat suddenly lost her balance and fell from her seat. She was hurt. She must have knocked her head against some metal object.  She got a nasty cut on her forehead and was bleeding. No one rushed to help her. Imagine, a girl was hurt and they remained seated in their seats!

Without a thought, I immediately got up to help.  The bus driver was standing, watching, perhaps in shock. My thought was to get her to hospital quickly and so I told the driver to stop the bus and let us down. The bus had stopped at a stretch of a lonely quiet road (Lornie Road) with hardly any traffic.  You see, it was then past midnight and the bus was running its final service.  But surprisingly help came almost immediately. A  taxi came along and I waved for it to stop. He took us to the nearest hospital at Toa Payoh Hospital. After her admission, I left and proceeded to her house to inform her parents. They were so grateful and even tried to reward me with some money to show their gratitude for helping their daughter.

A Kelong Worker Fell Into The Sea

Another time I was on a short holiday staying at a Kelong for some some fishing in Mersing, Malaysia. One early morning while preparing my fishing equipment, I saw a worker tripped and fell into the sea. He was struggling to stay afloat. Obviously he could not swim.  Without hesitation, I jumped into the water and managed to pull him out safely. Fortunately, I learned to swim when I was very young.

Man Struggling In Sea At East Coast Park

Another time at a picnic in East Coast Park beach, I saw someone in waters shouting for help. Immediately, I swam towards him and managed to get him out to safety. Saved 3 lives and more…

I often wondered why these events happened to me! Perhaps the Lord saw my heart. In this forum you will read how I enjoy witnessing to win souls for the Lord! At 70, I am still at it, winning souls for the kingdom! It is such a joy to see an unsaved one praying the “sinner prayer”, Amen.

In John 10:10, the scripture tells us that the devil’s work is to kill, steal and destroy: “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” I suppose I am no exception. Whether a person is saved or not, it makes no difference to the devil. But the difference for believers is that we are equipped with the armour and weapon of God, Amen.  I thank the Lord for the chapter in Ephesians 6!

Yes, we must never forget to thank the Father for sending His only begotten Son Jesus to save us!. He came to give us life and life more abundantly. All Glory to Him!

I remember one incident when I was in secondary school. I had climbed up a tree to retrieve a fishing line which got stuck. When I moved further up a branch, it suddenly cracked under my weight and I fell at least 10 feet down.  I used my hand to break the fall and broke my wrist.

I remember another incident.  One morning I was on my way to work.  It was in my early years of work. I was riding a scooter along Napier Road when a schoolgirl after crossing one half of the road in front of me, decided to turn around to pick up something she dropped from her school bag. I braked and could not avoid her. She was knocked down and unlike a car, there was no protection for me. I remember being flung into the air, somersaulted, and somehow landed on my knees.  Yes it must have been a guardian angel on assignment! Amen. I was unharmed except for torn shirt, trouser and minor bruises. I recovered my stature, lifted her up and moved her to the side of the road. Praise God, a kind samaritan stopped by and took us in his car to hospital. Perhaps he was also an angel sent to help.

There were other near death incidents too but I will share other time!

From all these incidents happening, it was as if I could not die. God was somehow preserving me to share His story? It was the “Call of God” on my life. I thank Jesus for saving me and allowing me now to serve Him!

After the tennis game that night, I went home and started some soul searching about the incidents and the invisible hands that protected me. I started reading the Bible and slowly I lost interest in tennis. Attending Church meetings became my new passion. I thank God for His love, mercy and grace in sending His beloved Son Jesus to save us.

Be blessed
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