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Matthew 24:14  And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

In the scripture above, Matthew, a disciple of Jesus, taught that the Gospel must be shared in all the world.

I remember I began sharing the gospel immediately I became a believer more than 30 years ago. I was never limited in sharing the good news with people I know, first my family, relatives, friends and colleagues. And I shared them even during lunch break, everywhere, in season and out of season.

I remember I regularly prayed for friends to receive Jesus even while having our meals, really quite an adventure doing the work of the Kingdom!

Now let me share one such exploit of an event some 4 years ago, about my sharing the gospel. In my work place I had a new colleague, seated next to me. He was a 70 + elderly man who needed a job as he still has his wife and a nephew to support.

Inevitably I because his friend very quickly and yes I wasted no time in sharing the gospel with him. But in the beginning, it appeared an impossible task! Why, you ask me?

You see, he told me that he was not a believer and “could never be a Christian” because he gave the story that he was the only son left in the family with the sole task of carrying on the legacy of praying to his family ancestors. So his was a really tough case to share the gospel.

But I was patient. I have tasted the thrill of sharing the gospel with anyone I encounter (should an opportunity arises) and I knew the Word of God would always prevail, the Gospel, the power of God! So after giving him a Bible, I started my evangelism and praise God, very quickly he surrendered to Jesus and was saved!

We then invited him to the Christian Fellowship Meetings we have each week during the lunch break in the market place as well as the morning prayer meetings we have each morning before we start work in the work place. And yes, very soon he also received the Holy Spirit and started to pray in tongues. What a joy to see him receiving Jesus in the dawn of his life.

I remember the day I started the evangelism. I had made an appointment to take him to a Church. He was staying in Bukit Batok and to make it more convenient, I agreed to pick him up and bring him to Church. I went with my wife to pick him up at the appointed time at 6.00 pm. But on that day we some how lost our way and ended up in an unknown dirt road in a secluded track in Woodlands! Some more, it was then raining heavily (the rain just suddenly started and very heavy) with lightling and thunder and therefore we really had a difficult time to find our way. It was as if his god was putting up an objection.

But thanks be to God, we finally make it to Church at around 8 pm. Imagine a 2 hours journey which would normally take a 20 minute journey to go there.

Eventually I found an AOG Church for him to attend with his wife. The Church was near his home.

So you see, witnessing is really like a package, a complete package from start to end, seeing to it, where possible, to get a new convert to grow in the Lord through services, Bible lessons and regularly fellowship!

“He said he was the only one left in his family to continue their ancestor worship but in the end JESUS is better and greater for him!.

All praise and glory be to God!

After about 6 months working with us he left because of his health and age.

Yes it was a divine appointment when he came to work with us 4 years ago! God knew, isn’t it? Then he left us with the gospel.

So brethren, do not stop witnessing, it is a command that we need to share the gospel wherever and whenever there is an opportunity!

Be blessed

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