Sit Walk Stand – Part 2


Sit Walk Stand!

Good Morning

Did you talk to your Lord and Saviour in your special hour with Jesus?

This morining I want to continue to re-emphasize yesterday message given by Pastor Clarence that in view of what God did for us all, that it is only logical that we give Him back no less than 100%!

This man of God knows what he is talking about, he had served God full time for more than 50 years.

Now turning to last week message on 4/6/14 where I shared on Psalms 1 and elaborated on how we can be successful in our walk with God, you will realize that in verse 1, we see 3 words used:- 

1. Walk
2. Stand
3. Sit (seated)

This verse with the emphasis on the 3 things we ought to avoid are that:-

· (1) we are to avoid the “ungodly”
· (2) we are to avoid the “sinners and
· (3) we are to avoid the “scornful”

But of course it is a different story if you are evangelizing or witnessing to sinners to win them to Jesus!

I also mentioned that you should read and study all 6 chapters of Ephesians as this book contains what I would call the “Golden Rule” of Paul’s teachings. The teaching is the teaching above any other teachings. It is like the Holy Spirit is teaching in the “Holy of Holies”.

In Ephesians, we are taught how to first rest in God, to be seated. Then how to prepare our “walk” with God. Then when we have fully understood “rest” and “walk”, Paul went on to teach us to get ready for “Wars”.  To wage our warfare with the enemy. The devil and his cohorts attack us ceaselessly everyday and therefore if we are to go into battle, we are not going to fight and win battles  BUT, to stand our ground of “Victory” which our Lord has already won for us.  Amen!

So here we see Paul reverse the 3 steps of Psalms 1 in reverse order, that is to say :-

In Ephesians

1. Sit (Be seated)
2. Walk
3. Stand

In Psalms the order is :-

1.  Stand
2. Walk
3. Sit

Here in the New Testament, Paul is teaching us the redeemed believers the right way to walk and grown.

The old testament saints were not yet “redeemed”.  No wonder, it was work and work and work to be good and acceptable to God.

Tomorrow, I will continue to show you the key verses in each chapter of Ephesians to show why we can stand our ground of victory. It is going to be a good sharing. You might want to study the book in your free time tonight.

Be blessed
Be strong (Ephesians 6:10)
Be healed (1 Peter 2:24)
Be abundantly supplied! (Jn 10:10b)
Be Victorious (Romans 8:37)


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