Seek Me Earnestly


Good Morning

Seek Me Earnestly!

Got up early this morning to fellowship with the Lord.

Today the Lord is asking you to seek Him earnestly.  If you seek Him diligently more and more, He will reward you richly according to scriptures.

You know there are levels of drawing close to Him.  Each level, you will understand and know Him more and more.

Level 1 Prayer – You approach Him with repentance and holiness.
Level 2 Prayer – You want to draw closer to know more truths from Him.
Level 3 Prayer – You submit and surrender all to Him

What do I means?  Let’s start to consider His written words in Proverbs 8:17:

” I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.”

He promises to shower His love to you if you seek Him earnestly.  If you enter through this gate, He will show you His unconditional agape love and reveal to you according to scripture “how precious you are in  my sight.  Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you…” (Isaiah 43:4).

You see as we go to Him, we need to go through many gates and doors.  In the Tabernacle of Moses, God instructed him to take of the “freewill” offerings from the Israelites to build the tabernacle for His dwelling among them. There are 3 doors to God’s dwelling. You see, God loves to be with you and me.  So, will you go to Him?  If you seek Him, you will find Him, otherwise He is lost to those who seek only after worldly things!

We need to enter His gates with thanksgivings as is written in Psalms.  Let’s do a short walk through the various chambers of the Tabernacle:-

Level 1 – His Outer Court

Oh, as you pass through this gate, the first thing we see is the Brazen Alter of Sacrifice. We are awed by His Sacrifice as a lamb on the brazen altar. We see Him paying the price to sacrifice Himself for our sins. At the altar we take the blood from the bullock and apply it over ourselves for sanctification and redemption. Then at the laver, we take of the pure clean water for our cleansing from the dust of the world.

Level 2 – His Holy Place

We now proceed into His Holy Place where His Presence is even “Greater”. Here believers under such presence will grow even stronger in their faith journey to serve God. We want to tarry here and wait upon the Lord. Here is where we made a firm commitment to serve the Lord. Here is where we are empowered to serve. Yes you pray longer to be filled with His oil to keep your light shinning! We are representative of Christ as the “Light” to the world.  Here our spiritual eyes are open to see the things of God –  how and where we can fit into the various ministries as servants in His service. The candlestick needs to be lighted 24/7.

Then you approach the Table of Showbread (12 loaves) for your spiritual feeding.  Here is the fresh living bread which will give you His revelational truth, so important if we are to do His will.  And you are set free from every bondage for each truth that is revealed.  Sometimes at level 2, after praying longer, our body may want to rest and go to sleep. Here’s where we need to take a firm decision to tarry on because we need Him to be strong. We need the “strong” meat by partaking of the bread!  Then just before we enter through the 3rd door, the Veil, we lift up our tired hands and start to praise and worship Him for who He is and what He has done for us! Yes, Hallelujah, He deserves all the Glory!

Level 3 – Most Holy Place

In John 14:6, “Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”.  We anxiously await to enter the Most Holy Place and find His Life.  We have found the way and the Truth!  Now we have broken and gone through the 2 doors which can be barriers that are often hindrances to our growth.  We now have a “breakthrough” and “breakout” into the Most Holy Place where God’s best is awaiting us.  Look at verse 34:

“Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.”

Wow, wow, wow!

Yes, He beckons us to enter…and there is even more…in verse 35:

“For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD.”

Do you see it?  We now can have His life and His favour!  And as we go through the 3rd door, the veil, we enter His Presence and see the “Jesus in all His beauty and holiness.”  He is more precious than silver and gold.  He is the desired of “Ten Thousands”.  We remember His blood.  We sprinkle the blood again, this time 7 times over for its perfect sacrifice!  Here you find His resurrected life, the “Dunamis” power that raised us up from the dead, from failure to success, from poverty to prosperity, from weakness to strength, from sickness to health and on and on… Then we begin to sense His Holiness. We see ourselves unworthy, filthy as rags, always ready to sin in words and deeds and we again seek His forgiveness.  We remember and are conscious of the power of the blood for cleansing, sprinkled 7 times over for total forgiveness.  We no longer has any condemnation!

Yes are clothed with His “Robe of Righteousness!”  And this is a gift, not of our works.  And therefore we dare say, “In Christ I can do all things”!  Amen and Amen – All Praise and Glory to the Name that is above every name! (Philippians 2)

We draw closer towards the Ark!  Now between the 2 cherubbims above the Mercy Seat, you meet Him, the Lord of lords and King of kings!  You again remind yourself of the purity of the Blood on the mercy seat. There beneath the mercy seat, you will find the “Pot of Manna” and that’s when you partake of the life-giving manna, the Zoe kind of life. We will no longer hunger and thirst for the things of the world but only wanting to draw even closer and closer to Him.  We want Him and Him only. He is God and none else.

And as we tarry in His presence, His Glory comes on us!  And the Good Shepherd begins to teach and instruct us every-time we have a need or need a word.

This is so Awesome, isn’t it?  We are ever so grateful to Him!  Can you take a moment and give Him all your Praise…!  Will you therefore take a bold step forward to seek Him more and more and let Him lead you into everlasting life? Tonight, seek Him with all your strength and might, draw closer to Him, let His Glory “overshadow” you as you abide in this “SECRET PLACE”.

Be bless

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