He First Loved Us


He First Loved Us!

Good Morning

This morning I want to share a message on the topic of the love of God entitled “He First Loved Us”.

Early this morning as I left home for work, I received these words “You love me because I first loved you”.

When the lift hit the ground floor, the lift door opened and the Holy Spirit impressed upon me the words found in 1 John 4:19 “We love him, because he first loved us”. It seems to me that the Lord is beckoning us to go back to His first love, a gentle reminder for us not to be caught up in our daily work and doing worldly things.

And this is especially so this year where workers are expected to work harder than before in the light of the poorer forecast of the economy. Yes we can be busy bees and this should rightly be so if we want to keep our jobs. But the scripture always remind us to stay strong and to do so we need to read and meditate more of the Word of God in order not to be discouraged by what we see and hear.

For believers, we have to stay positive, looking up and not down and to pray without ceasing because prayer will change things, will build up faith.

In today’s scripture, the Lord is teaching us to keep on focus on His love.

1 John 4:19
“We love him, because he first loved us.”

If you consider the ,words in the scripture deeper, we find peace and assurance that if indeed God first loved us even when we did not know Him, surely we can in return demonstrate our love by placing our complete trust in Him. Yes we demonstrate our love by serving him and to share His love for us with others that His Name “God is love” may be known.

Oh yes some may ask a 1000 questions “How can that be or How can He accept me, I have not done any thing worthy of Him?” and the list can go on…but what did the scripture declares in John 3:16? That’s the truth and if they know the truth they too can be set free like us. Unbelievers are not aware of this truth and we must tell them so that they might find God!

So today let’s thank Him for His Love for us, for redeeming us from the power of darkness and translating us into His Kingdom of marvelous light and love.

Be blessed

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