Guard Your Tongue


Living Bread for 14 August 2014

Good Morning

Did you spent your special hour with Jesus?

Last night the Lord was so gracious that as I walked to and fro talking and praying along with the Holy Spirit, He released a strong anointing upon me to refresh me.

It was then 12.30 am and I was really tired! You see, it is my habit to spend my quite time with Him in the evening when all has quiet down.  So I said “Lord I need to rest now, but I will stay a little longer with you” (I could sense He wanted me to continue the fellowship) then suddenly I felt His manifested presence stronger. And immediately I felt something bubbling in my stomach. Then my mood just changed and suddenly I felt joyous and very happy and was quietly laughing to myself. I did not why I was happy, there was nothing in my mind that was humorous.  So I realized it must have been, yes the “Joy of the Lord!  Amen, He is such a wonderful Father taking good care of us whenever we have a need, big or small.

Guard Your Tongue

As usual, as I proceeded to work this morning, the Lord told me this morning to share that we must learn to watch our tongues in our daily activity.  Solomon said that everything and he was referring to the curses and snares of life.  Whatever it is, it will always have a reason for the cause and he said further in :-

Proverbs 26:… so the curse causeless shall not come…”.

In another Proverbs verse, he told us we are often snared by words we declare!  Now let’s look at another of his teaching in:-

“Ecclesiastes 10:8 He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.

Do you see it?

We must not do anything to break the hedge of protection, either in words or actions!  And one way not to break the hedge is to guard our words.

Pray therefore for His divine guidance to watch over your words and allow the Blood to cover and secure you, your family and possession!

Be blessed

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