Gratefully Thanking Him


thanks4Gratefully Thanking Him!

Good Morning,

This morning I want to share on the topic of “Gratefully Thanking Him”.

You know I normally do not write on Saturdays but this morning I seem to have this feeling of being so grateful to the Lord that I cannot resist to want to share with you the many things we can gratefully give the Lord our heart-felt thanks for all the things He has done for us. Let’s pray sincerely with a thankful heart:-

Heavenly Father, thank you for taking care of us. Today we ask that you receive our grateful thanks for all these things you did and will  continue to do for us:-

1.First we thank you for your redemption and forgiveness of sinners.

2.Thank you Lord that it is you who put a roof over our head, food on our table and shoes on our feet.

3.We thank you for clothing us just like you clothed Adam and Eve.

4.We thank you for saving us, setting us free from from our bondage.

5.We thank you that each time we have a need, we can trust you for answered prayers.

6.We love the sunshine you give and the rain to cool us and to water our plants.

7.We thank you Lord for the fresh air that we breathe.

8.Truly, you are our daily bread which make us strong even as we feed on your word daily.

9.We thank you too for giving us wisdom to bless our work.

10.When we are not well, you heal us. Your word is medicine to our body.

11.We thank you that we did not have to work for our salvation. It is by your grace that saved us.

12.We thank you that just as you feed the raven, you will also take good care to provide for us. As our provider, we shall never suffer lack.

13.We thank you Lord that everyone will find you when they seek you earnestly with all their heart.

14.We thank you Lord for keeping danger away from us, at home and when we go out.

15.We thank you that we have favour both with You and with our fellow man.

16.We thank you that you not only prosper our work, but you will always enlarge our borders too, wherever we are and whatever we do.

17.We thank you Lord that in you there will always be seed time and harvest. You give us seeds to sow and and seeds to eat.

18.We thank you too that during our harvest we will have grain for food and wine to rejoice in you.

19.We thank you Lord for giving us peace and joy. Truly as your children, we will always be the peacemaker in any situation and place.

20.We thank you Lord that when we are weary, you give us rest and we thank you for multiplying whatever that is in our hand to give and share with others.

21.We thank you Lord that it is you who give us success and promotion in our work and in serving you.

22.Lord we thank for this day you have given us.

Lord, we know you can do exceeding abundantly above all that we can imagine or think and we know that our thought and mind cannot really describe in words what you can do for us. We thank you that you are our everything!

Be blessed



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