Divine Favour


Divine Favour

Good Morning

This is what I am impressed to share this morning. Each morning, as I leave for work, I would pray and seek God’s Divine Favour for the day.

This is one of the blessings given to us as believers and we ought to seek it. Our success for the day in our workplace is so independent on God’s Divine Favour!

Let’s look at some scriptures to see what the written Word of God has to say:-

You will remember how these great men of the Bible (Noah, Moses, Joseph, Job, Jacobs) found favour, both with God and with man.

Here is Proverbs 3:4
“So you will find favor and good repute in the sight of God and man”.

This verse tells us to expect Favour both with God and with man. What a blessings!

Last weekend, I was having dinner at a private estate in Upper Thomson Road. I had parked my car at the usual place by the road side as just other diners did. I dined there regularly for many years. But this time when I returned to my car I found a Ticket Notice for illegal parking. The usual fine is at least $70.00. I knew it was my own fault for breaching the law and was expecting a ticket summons. It is so important not just to simply follow what other is doing. As believers, we are expected to exercise greater moral standard in our words and deeds!

But by the grace of God, His Divine Favour was there to override the offence! Yesterday I received a Notice from Authority (LTA). It says:- “This is a fine of $70.00 for the offence but because of your “good record”, we will waive the fine”!

An offence is an offence and I really do not expect such a treatment from the Police! Yes, surely this is divine intervention from our Great and Mighty God! Praise His Glorious Name!

Another scripture in Psalms 5 says:-

Psalms 5:12
“For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield”

Yes, indeed we have His Robe of Righteousness and through the precious Blood of Jesus!  Many times while travelling in the morning packed train, God’s intervention of Divine Favour was there too to bless. Several times, younger passengers would say: “Sir, take this seat”. When I walk to work, when passing some security officers, I would usually greet them “Good morning” and they usually in return would greet similarly!  It is good to receive such greeting and to have the “Joy of the Lord! early in the morning, isn’t it? Amen. Yes, I even made friend with one of them and gave him Peter a Bible to read. Amen, it is great to witness, even to strangers!  We are told to preach, to witness, in season and out of season!

One time a couple of months ago, I was returning from lunch and was waiting at a traffic light junction when rain started to fall. So I could not cross the road and had to stay in the shade to wait for the rain to stop. Then suddenly a passer-by with an umbrella about to cross, turned back and signaled to me to share the umbrella with him. Amen, this is truly His Divine Favour shining through my day! Could this be an angel?

I also remember another occasion at a hawker stall where the Lord’s divine favour was there  too to bless.  I had bough a cup of drink and was about to pay her, when she said “Uncle, this is free for you! Amen!

You see, when you serve Him with gladness, you can expect to receive His Divine Favour wherever you are! Amen and Amen!

Be blessed

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