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He was anointed 3 times!

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Last Friday I said I would share with you a message I received that morning out of the meditation on the 2 books of Samuel.  In fact there are so many messages revealed in the study of this 2 books, some of which I have already shared some of them on the life of David and Saul, both chosen as king, but only one fulfilling his calling and destiny!  Last week during our lunchtime Bible class a member shared that the study of the Samuel was encouraging and very enriching.  I encourage you to read and meditate on it.

So here it is. This is on the subject of Authority.

David Grew in Authority

As you would have noticed, David as a youth started out as a shepherd. And this was not out of choice. His father Jesse chose him to tend sheep over his other favourite sons! At that time in Israel, the occupation of tending to sheep was not the preferred occupation, although the men then including women were mostly shepherds. Yet David did not object. He simply obeyed and worked diligently to look after the sheep. And he benefitted from his caring for the sheep entrusted to him.  We see his devotion to not only caring and loving the sheep but he grew in his love for God.  Let’s see some of the things he did during his career as a shepherd:-

1. He became a worshipper of God!.
2. He invented instruments for worship (We read in Psalms how he worshipped God with all kinds of instruments). We now benefit from him the importance of using instruments and music to accompany our worship and fellowship with God.
3. He spent quality time and worshipped God with all his might, spirit soul and body.  He fellowshipped with God like his friend.
4. Out of his daily time alone with God, he drew closer and closer to God and learned His ways. The Bible teaches us in the Sermons of the Mount that when you seek Him, you will find Him. When you are hungry, you will be filled!  And David was a man always hungry for more!
5. Overtime he developed such a relationship with God and earned the title to be called a man after God’s own heart. Look at the many great Pslams he wrote!

David was faithful in taking care of the sheep under his care. And all this strength of God he obtained through his devotion, worship and fellowship with God.  During such times, he was always enjoying the Presence of God.  God delighted and rewarded him.  He grew stronger and stronger and the anointing on him caused him eventually to become a great, powerful warrior and leader.  Serving as a shepherd, he was diligent and caring.  He only had the herd of sheep with him and there was no one around to supervise him.  Yet he remained faithful and deligent and responsible taking care of the sheep to feed and to protect them.  As a model leader, we can too learn to be faithful, diligent and responsible serving God.

David’s First Anointing

God saw his heart and his faithfulness serving as a shepherd and decided to make him king to replace the unfaithful Saul. Prophet Samuel was asked to seek out David from among the sons of Jesse. That was his “First” anointing and he went on in such power and authority to slay Goliath.  Can you remember your work serving God.  When you are humble and obedient, God will anoint you for service and you will never burn out!

David’s Second Anointing

David continued to serve faithfully under King Saul despite Saul’s hatred of him.  Eventually, God decided to make him king after the death of King Saul. The people of Judah saw his love for God and trusted him to be their king and anointed him. This was his “second” anointing. When we remain faithful, God will in due season promote and reward us with greater anointing and His gifts!

David’s Third Anointing

As he continued to show his capability to lead the people of Judah to many victories over the enemies, he again got a promotion from God. The people under him saw his faithfullness, particular how he honoured his own leader and king.  He never once threatened Saul even though he had many opportunities to kill Saul.  He always said “How can I touch anyone who is anointied by God”.  He taught us to honour men and women of God. The other 11 tribes of Israel (through Abner, their leader) were moved by God to elect David and anointed as their king. This was his third anointing and David was made to rule over all of Judah and the other 11 northern tribes of Israel.
Do you see how David grew and was promoted by God?  Let’s review how he served in 3 different capacities:-

  1. First anointing as a shepherd
  2. Second anointing, then as a king over one tribe Judah
  3. Third anointing, as King over all 12 tribes over Israel and Judah!

The lessons he acquired as a shepherd moulded him to be a good leader. Here’s some key points worth noting:-

  • The sheep under his care has no lack at all
  • When hungry, he would bring them to green pastures to feed
  • When thirsty and dry, he would lead them to still fresh waters. They were still small streams or pools of water beside torrent of waters flowing down rivers. You see sheep are easily frightened! They prefer calm water
  • When a sheep strayed from the flock, he would carry them back. he would used his staff to beat or chase away wolves! And calmed the sheep
  • He always led them in the path of safety, away from valleys of dangers like steep slopes or ravins to keep them from falling
  • When their heads and body are dry under the heat of the day with flies hovering over them, David would anoint them with lot of oil to keep them their skin from getting dry under the hot sun, as well as to keep insects and flies away
  • Often they ate in green pastures in the presence of wolves, bears , lion, without any fear as David was watching over them. They had seen David killing bears and lions which tried to attack them!

And so we as born again believers can learn from David how to grow strong and allow God to promote and anoint us.  With each anoiting, we too can grow in power and authority.  It is important that our service must be accepted by God.  And if we are faithful in little things, God will trust us in bigger things. In His appointed time, He will promote us.  We must be patient in our service for God.

We too see in the Psalms he wrote, how much He knew God.  And he was truly a student of the scriptures which he meditated day and night!  For our growth, we too must also strive to grow in the knowledge of God through His word to know who God is and who we are in Christ.  Knowing Him intimately and His ways, His grace and truth will allow us to stand strong and “enforce our victory through the exercising of our Authority in Christ”.

Now refer to Hosea 4 below:

“Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children”

With knowledge of His word, we can use the Authority given us through the Name of Jesus confidently.

“Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

Read also Philippians 2:8-9 on the power and authority of the Mighty Name of Jesus. How that Name was bestowed on Him!

With this I will next share on the next topic on Father Abraham.

Be blessed

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