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What is the “Best health food” to keep us healthy and strong?

Some would say exercise is the way. Others would say eating healthy is best. Yet many would be sold to taking health food!

For me I love outdoor sports as a way to stay healthy and fit. I have always enjoyed fishing, both inshore and offshore. I too enjoyed cycling. Once whilst during a school break, about 6 of us students from St Patrick’s cycled all the way to Kota Tinggi and back to Singapore. At our destination, I remember all of us took a night rest, yes of all place, in a small Police Station. But then we were students and could not afford a hotel!

When I started working, I enrolled with YMCA and took a course in Judo to keep fit but quit after learning the basics which are more than adequate for self defense.

All these I did to enjoy sports and to stay healthy.

I still go regularly for week-end fishing using light tackle. I have too picked up the British’s fine art of ‘Fly’ fishing using a long rod to spin a fly! This sport requires plenty of practice to acquire the skill.

But the best thing was when I discover the “Power” of the Word of God. It is stimulating and uplifting to read and meditate on the scriptures.  After I began reading the Bible, I have not stopped since. As a habit, I read them daily each morning.  And the result : I discovered the power of the word. Nothing can beat the benefit of reading and meditating on the scriptures. The words, they are truly life and health to our whole body according to the scriptures. And here is one scripture revealing the power and its benefit! Would you believe, by meditating on the word, this has kept me away from doctors. There was a period when I never had a headache or fever for almost 15 years. In my work place, I regularly took the yearly health screen and each time, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health. It is truly amazing what the word can do for us. The caveat of course is we must “believe and act” on the word of God.

Now let’s read this awesome and amazing declaration of God’s word in:-

Proverbs 4:20-22

My son, pay attention to my words.
    Bend your ear to my speech.
21 Don’t let them slip from your sight.
    Guard them in your mind.
22 They are life to those who find them,
    and healing for their entire body.

Do pay close attention to the words in verse 22″-

“They are life to those who find them, and healing for their entire body”!

Be blessed

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