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Here in this page “ABOUT THE DAILY LIVING BREAD”, you will read some description about me and how I became a believer and the passion I have for the Word of God. In this page –“ABOUT THE DAILY LIVING BREAD” I have posted many of my messages posted for your meditation. I have been sharing on a daily basis the “Daily Living Bread” messages in this Forum for some years now. I write  several messages weekly from Monday to Friday and distribute the “Daily Living Bread” messages to friends, colleagues as well office workers who are believers serving in the “Christian Fellowship Ministry” which was started some 32 years ago and which we affectionately call it  C F M  for short.  We continually see a good turnout of office workers coming to the lunch hour meetings.

These are passionate believers who choose to attend the meetings thereby sacrificing their lunch hour break. All Glory to the Lord for His Mighty Hand upon this ministry in the City of Singapore!

Serving the Lord (Market Place Ministry)

The Daily Living Bread devotional messages

I usually get up early each morning to read the word and pray before I leave home for work. Through inspiration of the Holy Spirit I pen the daily messages while in the train en-route to work and quickly send the messages to a group of friends, colleagues and believers helping in the market place ministry.

Morning Prayer (Study) Meeting

When I reach the Office, there is again another Bible study class we organize. You see we hold Bible Study Meetings from Monday to Friday for a “half hour session” (except Tuesday) attended to by a number of believers working in the city area.

Tuesday Morning Prayer (Intercession) Meeting

On Tuesday Morning Week, we meet to pray very early in the morning. For 30 long years, a group of us serving in the market place ministry come together to intercede early in the morning from 7.14 am to 8.00 am to pray for a harvest of souls for workers working in the City. During this time, we have a short worship session and the rest of the time mostly praying together, each learning to hear what the Lord has for us for the ministry.

CFM ministry has been around for over 32 years and by the grace of God, we are believing Him for more years to continue with this ministry. We are now in the process of preparing a second team to take over from the older members, many already in their 60s and 70s!

Weekly Lunch Time Meeting

This is a Worship Service with some short preaching session. We meet from 12.45 am to 1.45 pm with attendees of averaging 40 to 50 persons attending the service. Here we have Christians of all denominations attending the meeting and we do not emphasize on which denomination is preferred. Perhaps this is one reason why the ministry has lasted for over 30 long years.

The various spiritual exercises described in the foregoing paragraph have somewhat prepared me to learn to discern the voice of God and to write devotional messages. In my library I have my own collection of about 300 messages which I will post here whenever I have the time to do so. I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to serve Him. Blessed be His Glorious Holy Name! Amen.

Here are some scriptures that have blessed and taught me:-

In John 14:26 we are told that He, the Comforter, has been sent to us not only to teach but also to bring all things to our remembrance:-

“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you”.

In this manner I have benefited gaining not only a greater knowledge of the word but also the “the ways of the Holy Spirit”. Through fellowship with Him daily, I have learned to know Him better and to be familiar hearing and receiving His daily teaching. In this walk of faith, it is very important not only to hear from Him but also to quickly obey His voice. As He taught a new topic for each morning, I get stirred, excited and amazed at how much He really wants to fellowship with us, to teach and lead us in our daily walk with Him.

I like to share one such experience I learned to hear His teaching. Early in my Christian years, I was so excited each time the Holy Spirit gave me a word or a scripture verse for the day. You see this is what they call the “Rhema” word, revelation knowledge to guide us. But one such experience I will never forget.  Imagine hearing the Holy Spirit speaking to you for a few hours at a stretch is surely one-in-a-life time experience!

Here is what took place on the evening of 25.4.14. That evening’s experience is something I will never forget. This is how it happened:-

A Special Night Hearing His Teaching!

On 25.4.14, after my evening prayer. I must have had been praying for several hours, I went to sleep when suddenly His presence came upon me. And He began to share with me many, many things. His still small voice went on several hours teaching and showing what He wanted me to study. I remembered hearing Him from about 1.00 a.m till 4.00 a.m. This time, He was teaching me, methods and principles how to unlock Heaven blessings. How to walk strong, how to continue to exert our victory against our enemies when they attempted to take and remove our rightful inheritance of God. When I reached the office, I sat down and typed out the details. Here is a summary:-

He wanted me to study the “life of great men of God” such as:-

David – Life of King David how:-

He served as a shepherd as a boy – his sted-fastness. How he was chosen as a King and anointed 3 times. In each anointing he grew stronger – 1st time he slew Goliath, the bear and the lion; the 2nd time he was chosen and crowned as King by the tribe of Judah, but the 3rd time he was given all 12 tribes to rule. Power – how in the 1st anointing he slew Goliath from his training as a shepherd. How he was chosen and preferred than Jesse other sons. God looked at his heart. Victory – how he won victory after victory, each time as he obeyed the voice of the Lord, when to attack the enemies and when not to attack.

Abraham – Life of Abraham:-

To focus not on his Faith but his special “boldness” in his fellowship with God. He talked to God like his friend.

Joshua – Life of Joshua how:-

How he made his journey into the promised land of milk and honey. His strategy to destroy the enemies occupying the promised land, even giants and walled cities. How God asked him to never to depart from the meditation of the word to be “strong” and “courageous”. How he possessed land after land for his people as he fought and won battle after battle with the Lord leading and guiding him. How God gave him a strategy to deal with Jericho.

The foregoing topics were some of what were shared… I will begin sharing first on the life King David.

As you read and meditate on them, may you grow in strength to serve the Lord in greater measure!


Be blessed


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